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Below are the links to the best available online scanners that search for spyware and viruses on a computer the scanners are run from. They use ActiveXs/plugins in order to access the computer’s file system, so they need to be allowed to be loaded by the computer firewall and/or by other antispyware/antivirus program running on the computer.

Once again, the tools above are the best online antivirus tools available on the Internet. All of them belong to the companies that produce the reliable antivirus and firewall software. Online scanners are fine for one-off computer check if there’s a suspicion that a computer is infected with the virus or the spyware but personally I wouldn’t encourage anyone to use these tools all the time. If someone is worried about their computer security, they should install the special software to protect their computer from the malicious programs. Remember to install only one antivirus that protects the computer all the time because if two are installed and are running, they will clash and the operating system may not work properly.
Other security programs may be installed but only to scan the computer once or manually on demand instead of being permanently run on the background. This is where online security checks come in handy - in their cases the hard drive space hungry program installs are not required and possible configuration changes and uninstalls are not required as well.
Note that some of the above tools work only in Internet Explorer.

Google and other search engines generally don’t like when the link on a website leads to nowhere i.e. the link is broken. This is why many websites publish external links through a forwarding page, which uses redirection techique to open the requested page. The forwarding page is a wrapper that firstly checks if the requested site or the page exists on this site and only then takes a user to this website.

I’ve created a very simple forwarding page, which is shown below. It is written using ASP – my favourite dynamic web page technology – but can easily be adapted for PHP and JSP.

This is how the forwarding page redirects the request (see the page’s code below this explanation):

  • Initialise some variables and obtain the value of the url a user will be send to.
  • Check if url contains “http” in front. If it doesn’t, add it.
  • Create XMLHTTP object and try to get response from the url using GET command. The response may be different for http://url.com and http://www.url.com, this is why we need to try both combinations before giving up.
  • If response code is 200, the page was found and everything is fine, so go on and do forwarding by calling Response.Redirect().
  • If response code is not 200, for some reason the page cannot be found, so show this page with the returned code.

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In this article, I have tried to summarise the tips and help for wireless network setup trobleshootings. This is by no means the complete list because the certain wireless adapters and routers sometimes require specialist approach. A lot also depends on the wireless network configuration, operation system settings, hardware and many other little bits and pieces.

Initial preparations, driver installation.

  • Make sure that the wireless facility is enabled on the wireless router. Also make sure that the connection availablity is not limited to the particular set of devices through the MAC address filtering or other possible means.
  • Install / uninstall / reinstall drivers for the wireless adapter as necessary. Make sure that the wireless adapter drivers are installed correctly (from Computer > Hardware > Device Manager).
  • For the laptops, make sure that the wireless button or wireless facility is on. The button is usually found on the side of the laptop. The wireless facility can be activated on some laptops by pressing Alt+F2 or other key combinations involving Fn key.
  • Enable Windows Zero Configuration (WZC) service in Services; set this service to Automatic. If the wireless adapter configuration utility doesn’t work and it’s not possible to connect to the wireless network with this utility, switch to the Windows Zero Configuration utility and try to connect to the wireless network with it.

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cd-dvd-reader-writer-not-visible-software-conflictImagine that you have a situation: you’ve been installing and uninstalling some programs for a week or so, was switching your computer on and off, doing some other stuff but then you need to read a DVD and the computer does not recognise it. And I mean not just doesn’t recognise a DVD disk but doesn’t recognise your CD/DVD reader or writer i.e. it switches on, spins ok, the indicator is on but there is no activity on the pc - no popup windows, nothing. When you go to the Windows Explorer, it says “please insert the disk” when the disk is already inserted and so on. What do you do?

My first reaction would be to reinstall the DVD reader/writer drivers or to open the computer case and check all the wires because I could see that on its own the DVD device works fine, it just cannot be accessed by the computer. And at the end of the day maybe I would get irritated and try to repair Windows, which would fix the problem eventually…

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What did you do in the evening (UK time) of 17th of February 2009? I remember there has been a day that week when my Internet worked very slowly. That probably was on 17th of February because on that day a little Internet pandemonium has happened.

As described in the article on Renesys Blog, a routing error of the local Czech Internet provider SuproNet has caused a chaos on the Internet forcing Internet routers that are old and less able to tolerate long autonomous system paths to shut down. As I understand, the wrong paths have been typed into the router and because the Internet is a world-wide system and SupoNet is a part of it, other routers began to use this wrong path thus dramatically increasing the routing traffic and crashing one after the other because they couldn’t cope with the surge of data. The global disruption of the Internet became obvious after 8 minutes it’s started and lasted for about an hour.
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